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Same-sex sexual activity is legal in Colorado and the state recognizes same-sex marriages. In sodomy was made illegal in Colorado — then the Jefferson Territory — under its first criminal code, which indirectly prohibited sodomy by expressly recognizing English common law, under which the maximum penalty for sodomy was death.

Inthe United States Congress created the Colorado Territory, whose government enacted a criminal code that punished sodomy, defined by English common law, with penalties ranging from one year to life in prison. InLarkspur co single gay men enacted a psychopathic offender law that provided for indefinite institutionalization for committing sex crimes, thus putting homosexuals in the same category as rapists and child molesters.

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Inthe Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the ban also included cunnilingus. In Colorado revised its penal code and decriminalized sodomy in cases that involved non-commercial, private acts between consenting adults.

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The Colorado Supreme Court struck down that statute in Inthe Boulder County Clerk issued marriage licenses to several same-sex couples after the local district attorney interpreted Colorado's statutes, which used the phrase "any two persons", to be gender-neutral with respect to marriage.

The state attorney general issued a contrary opinion that those marriages were Larkspur co single gay men. Howertonin federal court. InGovernor Roy Romer vetoed HB which would have banned recognition of same-sex marriages. In Larkspur co single gay men notice to the legislature, Governor Romer wrote "It is one thing to believe, as I do, that marriage is for the union of a man and woman.

It is quite another to believe that committed same sex relationships do not exist and should not be recognized by society. Ina state referendum added language to the Colorado Constitution that restricted marriage and common law marriage to couples of different sexes, without mentioning civil unions or domestic partnerships. In AprilColorado enacted a Designated Beneficiaries law, effective July 1, that allowed anyone to make a same-sex partner the beneficiary of insurance, inheritance, hospital visitations, funeral arrangements and death benefits, and other important matters.

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In andstate lawmakers attempted but failed to pass an act formally recognizing civil unions[10] though Governor John Hickenlooper endorsed the legislation in his State of the State address. In Marchboth houses of the Democratic-controlled state legislature passed legislation establishing civil unions that provide rights comparable to those provided opposite-sex married couples and Governor Hickenlooper signed the bill into law on March 21, The law went into effect on May 1, Governor Hickenlooper signed a bill permitting joint state income tax filing for civil union and out-of-state same-sex married couples.

On February 19, Larkspur co single gay men, nine same-sex couples, some unmarried and some married in other Larkspur co single gay men, filed a lawsuit in state court challenging the state's definition of marriage and arguing that civil unions have created a "second-class level of citizenship" for gays and lesbians.

The suit, McDaniel-Miccio v.

The clerk has expressed support for same-sex marriage. Supreme Court left in place as binding precedent other Tenth Circuit decisions holding bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional in Oklahoma and Utah. Citizenship and Immigration Services reversed its decision from and granted permanent resident status to Anthony Sullivan, based on his marriage to Richard Adams in Boulder on April 21, A single person can adopt in Colorado.

Catholic adoption agencies do not place children either with single persons or with same-sex couples and have said they will not do so if the state enacts civil unions. In Colorado, it has been illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression Larkspur co single gay men employment, housing, public Larkspur co single gay men, education, and credit since the category "sexual orientation" was added to the state's Public Accommodations Law in The bill was controversial and following its passage by the legislature opponents waged a media campaign that failed to persuade Governor Bill Ritter to withhold his signature.

On November 3,Colorado voters approved Initiative 2, an initiated constitutional amendment which added language to the state constitution that prohibited the state and all of its subdivisions from allowing "homosexual, lesbian or bisexual orientation, conduct, practices or relationships" to provide the basis for any "claim any minority status, quota preferences, protected status or claim of discrimination.